We are pleased to welcome you as our dear guest on our website. We hope that you can find what you are looking for, we, in turn, will try to be of service to you, and express our willingness to accompany you in your search. In any case, we are at your service — we will gladly share our rich experience and some secrets of the direct manufacturer of gun stocks. It was in February 1997 when our company “NataliaSAS” began to organize large-scale search activities in different countries (in the Caucasus, Iran, Turkey. ..) looking for blanks of large old trees and roots, wood processing for the production of wood blanks, and also directly established sales in the market of arms manufacturers.

We love our work. Your satisfaction with the quality of our products and the level of our service are direct indicators of assessing the success of our work. We value your opinion, your wishes, as well as the time spent on viewing our site. And we thank you for that. Please contact us if you have some questions or suggestions.

Each client is equally important and dear to us!

In our online store, only a small part of our products is offered to your attention. We want to note that, if you wish, you can always agree and plan your visit to our Italian sales center (area — 2,400 sq. m.), where you can easily find not only the quantity you need, but also the quality. Moreover, your arrival will be marked by us in a gourmet Italian restaurant with the legendary local wine Amarone.

In case you did not manage to choose anything in the online store you can leave us a request with your wishes about the product.

We will try to select and present you a product that meets your wishes. Remember that we are always happy for your visit to us.

We will be pleased to meet and get to know you personally, and it will also be interesting for us to consider business proposals from organizations on mutually beneficial cooperation.

Over the years, as wood makers, as stock manufacturers and as sellers of stocks, we spent most of our lives traveling around the world. It was not always easy ...

But we have not yet cut our best tree, so we do not stand still and always perfect our products. Despite everything - we are happy every day, because every day gives new knowledge and new acquaintances. We offer you to be a part of your journey. “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go with friends”

On our site you can always find a lot of interesting and useful information and get a free consultation.

Thank you. And we wish you well. Sincerely yours, Janpaulo and Natalia.

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  • History of our company

    Company Natalia SAS was founded in 1996. This is a family business owned by Gianpaulo Padovani and his wife Natalia.

    The success of the company is undoubtedly ensured by their constant personal participation in all production processes, starting from the search for selected old trees (which are more than 100 years old), their harvesting, delivery, cutting, tracing stocks (Natalya draws them), steaming, natural drying and sales.

    The company has stable good positions on the market for harvesting large old walnut trees in various areas of its growth — Europe — the Caucasus; Asia — Turkey, Persia, etc.

    “Natalia SAS” company does not stand still, but is in a constant search for new areas where it is possible to harvest high-quality nut roots and trees.

    Gianpaulo and Natalia also tirelessly improve their professional level, and update the technical base (machinery, equipment) to optimize all work processes from harvesting walnut trees to sales of stocks, constantly striving to improve the level of service provided to their customers.

    NataliaSAS is an exemplary and responsible taxpayer with a charity budget to help: sick children, lonely elderly people and funds for the protection of rare endangered animals.

    The sales center of the company with an area of ​​2400 sq.m is located in Italy. All goods produced by the company from all countries of production flow here. The center is located just 20 km from Verona Airport.

    Here, the client can find not only a large amount of material, but also high quality.

    The center is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment, which allows you to thoroughly expose the stocks to the final processing, thus obtaining high-quality stocks that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    The company has created the conditions for a comfortable choice for customers of a product they like, in the given volumes and quality, which we are undoubtedly interested in discussing with a potential client before his arrival.

    We are a responsible and professional company, we believe that the success of any business does not depend on the amount of commercial interest, but on the level of sincerity of both parties invested in the business.

    Sincerely yours, Janpaulo and Natalia.

  • About the benefits of buying and working with us

    We are glad to inform you that we would be pleased to establish relationships with you, as well as build bridges and work with you as regular customers, partners, and friends. Our working principle is simple— “work to sell,” which means we are focused on long-term serious relationships.

    We have everything we need for this. Our production and work has been personally organized by us, and from February 1997 to this day we have been trying to optimize these processes in order to obtain the best possible result — your indisputable satisfaction with the quality of our product and our service.

    1) In our sales center which at the same time is the final processing center in Italy, not far, just 20 km from the airport of Verona on an area of ​​2400 m2, you will find a large amount of quality material ready for processing, as well as half-finished gun stocks and ready-made stocks. You can also make a hand-crafted gun stock from our world-class craftsmen who make them for the most exclusive Italian companies. Our dear Hugo Sabatti and Senior Anchilli are top craftsmen in the manufacture of hand-crafted stocks. They are well known all over the world. And we are glad to have them as our consultants. They are always ready to give advice and recommendations to our customers, as well as make a hand-crafted gun stock for any type of weapon personally for you. If you bought a wood blank from us and want to make a personal gun stock, let us know. You can write, call or visit us.

    Since we have been in this business for a long time, we know almost all Italian manufacturers personally, so we will be happy to help you choose a factory or craft workshop where you can order weapons directly specifically for yourself, we will try to make this process for you as short as possible and more profitable.

    You can always agree upon your personal visit to us. We will arrange a meeting at the airport, and if necessary accommodate you in a comfortable hotel, and of course we won’t let you leave without visiting an Italian restaurant with fine cuisine and local wine Amarone which is famous all over the world.

    2)Our sales center has everything you need and all the conditions for your comfortable and confident choice of material.

    3) By registering with us on the site, you will receive accumulated bonuses, learn about ongoing promotions, and if you wish, you can participate in the life of our ‘Artemis’ club.

    Being a member of our exclusive club "Artemis" means participating in contests and in the following programs:

    • a competition for the best photo on the topic of hunting and communication with nature;
    • a contest for the best story from personal experience in the hunt; and humor on the topic of hunting;
    • a competition for the best field kitchen recipe;
    • the exchange of news in the section "hunter to hunter"
    • place your sale/purchase ads related to hunting and sports.
    • placement of your advertisement;
      Wine and gastronomic tours in Italy will be organized for club members as well as meetings and joint recreation with club members at the Villa Isabella hotel on the shores of Lake Garda, in Brenzone (Assenza) and in a picturesque place which is a natural mountain amphitheater opening the famous "Valley of Dreams" in Malcesine with a total area of ​​2.5 hectares with 700 olive trees in a closed isolated area called "DomusIncanto". We will also organize meetings with interesting people, trips to nearby attractions and shooting ranges, etc.
    • With our participation ( a special discount will be made for you by our partners) you can order production of guns at the best factories and craft workshops in Italy.
    • Get personal advice from the best manufacturers of weapons in Italy.
    • Participate in our programs for the protection of rare endangered animals, help sick children, help talented and gifted children, help single pensioners.

    1) the opportunity to register on our website and then, if desired, in our exclusive club "Artemis".

    • When purchasing a walnut blank for a gun stock from us -“NataliaSAS” you will get a valuable, exclusively presented product with guaranteed quality, accompanied by our company “Authentic Name Certificate”, with a protective hologram.
    • receive discounts and bonuses after registering on the site
    • receive pleasant prizes.
    • 4) find new friends, share news and experiences.

    Another equally important addition is when buying walnut blanks from us:

    • you will receive high-quality goods produced with Natalia and Dzhanpaulo’s direct participation, and therefore we can personally guarantee the correctness and timeliness of all production processes.
    • You will receive our company guaranteed certificate - “quality assurance and investment”. If desired, we can make a personalized certificate.
      Our exclusive “certificate of quality assurance and investment” is a valuable, hologram-protected paper confirming the value of your purchase, the same number will be glued to the blank itself. Purchasing this way will undoubtedly be a great guaranteed investment. In this case it is very IMPORTANT not to damage the holographic code, otherwise the warranty is not valid. If the holographic barcode is damaged — you can restore it with us.
      We keep an accurate archive of all available guaranteed products sold by us.
    • You will receive an undoubtedly effective, aesthetically, exclusively presented product, with a coating revealing its natural value. This ingeniously simple coating recipe is over 300 years old. It was invented by Italian cabinet makers and was kept secret for a long time. This transparent eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable coating does not distort color or contrast at all, it is neutral in nature and does not affect the choice of final coating for weapons, but it gives an idea of ​​the degree of porosity and the natural color of the background and stripes. You should no longer buy goods that “have secrets” and be upset that the “purchased prince” after processing and coating suddenly turns not into a king, but into a terrible frog. Our nut blank, with a thin layer of coating applied to it, gives you an idea of ​​yourself as much as possible, without melting any disappointing transformational secrets and surprises. You can know with maximum confidence what awaits you. I often hear complaints: they choose a gun stock, and after processing it becomes unrecognizable. Would you like to avoid this? There is a simple solution – you should work with us.
    • we are open to everything that allows our customers to feel confidence and joy from the result of working with us.
      We are waiting for your orders, purchases, questions, wishes and feedback.
      We believe that:
      “The success of each business does not depend on the magnitude of the commercial interest of each party, but on the degree of sincerity invested in the business.”
      “We cannot change this world, but we can make it better.”
      “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with your friends. ”
      Thank you for your time spent. We wish you success, good luck and all the best.

    Sincerely Gianpaulo and Natalia, as well as our club "Artemis".