Wood blanks for:

1) rifles;

2) a weapon stock for sports and hunting weapons;

3) automatic weapons;

4) English weapons.

The stock is accompanied by our “Authentic Name Certificate” with a protective hologram with a number.

The same hologram with the same number is applied to the wood blank itself.

Please keep the holograms intact, otherwise we will withdraw the guarantee, or you will need to get a duplicate by restoring it via our archive after verification (this service is paid).

Thus, you can always check whether this or that wood blank was really bought from us. This will easily allow you to identify our wood blank and, if necessary, sell it to third parties or exchange it.

In the future, after expanding the target audience, we plan to organize such a platform and such a service for our customers.

That is, our scale and our certificate determine the price and allow you to save the money spent, and it is also possible to earn money when the price of the goods increases. The blank will be delivered to you in a gift box.

If you have doubts when buying a blank in our store, you can always seek advice from our experts – craftsmen who make stocks. Tell the intended type of weapon or the one for which you are buying this stock.

Although you, too, will be able to get a better understanding by reading some of our tips * * (Strength is determined mainly by functionality, but also depends on the type of weapon. Because on a low-functional gun stock, you can apply (depending on the type of weapon) such a technical solution as the use of the so-called “Tyrante” metal wire The problem of high density is solved by cutting out the "insides" of the stock;

Porosity can be solved by the method of closing pores, although it is better for the master himself to do this for obvious reasons. Before work, you need to mix fine nutty dust with glue like Attack and smudge this mixture on the surface, it is better to do this in parts, since the mixture dries quickly; observing the mandatory safety precautions, which includes glasses, a respirator and strong gloves, which then need to be thrown away ...

And then after such processing even a very porous blank which is so beautiful and contrasting can be saved from darkening after applying the final coating, even oil.

Helpful information:

About the number

The number, as you can see, consists of two parts: the first will include two digits, and the second five digits.

The first two positions are the stock grade.

Information on this topic: the concept of “grade” can be found in the section “Our scale of wood grades”. We recommend reading it.

The next five digits indicate the serial number of this stock in a series of goods in this category and this class.

For example, if we take No. 02-00007, here in the first two positions there is 2, which means grade-2.

The next five digits are 7, which mean the serial number of this blank in the general row of the corresponding category and class.

Price policy.

The price is does not include taxes and delivery.

The final price will include: 1. blank price plus 2. VAT plus 3. delivery. If you want to pick up the goods yourself from our warehouse, then this will allow you to reduce the final cost.

Type of wood.

JunglasRegia is a walnut for the production of gun stocks, which in view of its technical and physical characteristics is undeniably the best choice of all known materials, both natural and artificial.


We have introduced additional sizes that will help you and your craftsman to understand what type of stock the blank is suitable for.


It will help to understand the density and also the cost of delivery. Although when your purchase amount is 500 € shipping is free

Wood steaming.

We carefully monitor such a responsible and delicate process as wood steaming, because the final quality of the finished stock greatly depends on its proper steaming.

Our steaming lasts for colored material no more and no less than 72 hours.

At a temperature of not less than 80 degrees Celsius and not more than 85 degrees Celsius, with constant injection of steam under pressure not more than 1.2 Atmospheres.

For white material, respectively, 96 hours; 85-90 degrees Celsius; the pressure in the chamber is not more than 1.2 atmospheres.

A test of proper steaming is the elasticity of the flake cut from the end of the blank. When squeezing, it should curl with a ring, which, if desired, grind it into dust or squeeze with your fingers, in view of its elasticity, retains its integrity and shape. Otherwise, the flakes will break and be crushed between the fingers into dust.

Why do they violate the technology? For a simple reason, the high temperature gives the nut a darker color, but at the same time all its wonderful physical and technical characteristics simply disappear.

There is only one attractive dark shade, but a rotten stock will be made from such a blank. It is worth noting that sometimes to maintain contrast, the manufacturer does not want to steam the blank at all. Here, the same thing happens as in the case without steaming — the nutwood does not crystallize, and the flake also breaks and such a blank produces a rotten gun stock, although to a lesser extent than in the case of exhaustive temperature control.

Steam kills all parasites, fungi, etc., when steaming, tannin is washed out of wood, which otherwise can attract insects like wood fretters. Constant temperature and pressure make the main walnut wood crystallize, as if sintered, which gives it additional shine and elasticity, and the stock more reliability and stability.

Functionality — the degree of parallelism between the growth lines and color (it is worth noting that strength depends on growth lines, not colors, although they often don’t think about it) at the end of the blank, (we have a photo of the end in our product card) depends on the cut, the higher functionality, the higher the strength of the stock, although for some types of weapons when using a "tyrant" - a metal wire inside the stock, the problem of "weakness" is solved. Often, low functionality gives amazingly intricate patterns.

When drawing stocks, I often choose fantasy over functionality, because functionality is something technical, and intricacy is simply a priceless, rare gift of the capricious but beautiful nature of a nut.

About Frieze.

When a tree grows in a windy area or it has one or more large branches, then some waves form in the structure of the tree for a kind of amortization, when they are cut, they are visible in the form of stripes when drying in these places areas of a pleasant transparent glow in the form of stripes are formed. This is a frieze.

After polishing, the stock with the frieze becomes unusually delightful, glowing from the inside. Undoubtedly, the frieze not only increases the stock grade, but also, by virtue of its nature, slightly increases the amortization properties of the stock.