Service and sales for legal entities

We are highly professional, we have direct experience (since February 1997 we have been engaged only in our main and beloved work — the production of nut blanks for the production of sports and hunting weapons).
Our volume of production depends only on our desire.
On average, over the past years we sawed large volumes of wood and we were always able to organize well-coordinated effective work — at the same time, we carried out for a long time — sawing at three different sawmills in three different countries without losing the quality of the final product.

Until 2018, we have been working with a respected large company for 9 years. We are very grateful for this trust and always tried to meet high standards of requirements. We were lucky to work with real professionals who simply lived their work, were full of enthusiasm and love for work. It is close to us — we love our work and work hard (we are always on 24 24,7 / 24,365 / 365).

But now we would like to move into a new sphere and establish new interesting mutually beneficial projects and contacts.

For this, we have all the relevant characteristics, knowledge of the matter (we directly organize the production process and participate in it at each stage), technical and material base. It would be interesting for us to establish serious ties and contacts with medium and small factories, craft workshops for the production of weapons, arms stores, and with everyone who can become distributors of our goods. We will consider all interesting offers and projects.

We would certainly be interested in selling:

1) blanks for the production of gun stocks (it would be especially interesting for us to sell large volumes of low-quality material — carbines grade 1-2, O / U class 1-2, automatic weapons grade 1-2, we can supply with a moisture content of 12% -15%)

2) half-finished and finished stocks, (technically it is quite possible). According to your drawings and your samples, we can produce for you a batch of stocks from 250 pcs and above (if the quality is high grade from class 4, you can agree on the quantity). Regarding large firms, and large volumes, we are also ready to discuss interesting projects.

Service and sales for individuals

1. Sale of walnuts for the production of sports and hunting weapons, by the way we accompany each item purchased with us with an “Authentic numbered registered Certificate”, see the section “Our scale”. The certificate is issued in English.

А) From a warehouse in Italy (Verona. Italy)

В) Via this online store..

2. Consultation at the time of purchase on the quality of the blanks, If you have any doubts when purchasing in the online store, you can always
If you have any doubts when purchasing in the online store, you can always call us, leave a request with a question, a free consultation is available for our customers — provided by the world-known craftsman - Hugo Sabatti. You can also always leave a request for the products you are interested in and we will certainly try to find it according to your requirements — we may offer several options.

3. Sale of half-finished stocks

А) available in the store (see the half-finished stocks section)

Б) from the proposed list (by order, application processing), see the half-finished stocks section

В) not included in the list (by order, application processing), see the half-finished stocks section

4. Sale of ready stocks

А ) from the proposed list (see section ready stocks, no weapons)

B) not from the list (weapons needed)

5. Assistance in ordering weapons from Italian companies, craft workshops escort.

6. Organization of your arrival in Italy, meeting, escort, etc. Drawing up the program of your visit according to individual requests. (Perhaps with family or in a group with friends). Please leave a request.

7. Organization of meetings and accommodation of groups of athletes, hunters from various clubs in a hotel on the shores of Lake Garda (a picturesque place with clean air and untouched nature, away from noise, bustle with breathtaking views)
Here you can have a good time in a relaxed atmosphere with friends and like-minded people, exchange information, possibly go to a shelter (about 60 km), visit lectures, meet interesting people, take excursions around the lake and its environs, go to nearby cities — to your the services of a certified guide (art critic by education) - the sweetest Laura Ferarini (English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Spanish) And of course, unsurpassed Italian cuisine, with the participation of an extra cook and extra sommelier, certainly live music.
It is possible to organize barbecue as a group in an olive garden (700 olives) on a 2.5-hectare area in Malcesine, the Valley of Dreams (Vall di Sognio) in the house "Domus Incanto" three kilometers from the hotel.
Amazing views of the lake and mountains— Monte Baldo.
The maximum number of groups is 120 people.
The hotel is called Hotel Residens Villa Isabella in Assenza di Brenzone.