If you want to choose a gun stock, there are probably several options:

  • 1) you are a beginner, maybe you even already have a gun (sports or for hunting) and you buy a stock for the first time, then I’m very glad, and it’s a great honor for me to open this endless, exciting world full of riddles to you, that sometimes offers some intrigues and adventures. The world that awaits you with impatience!
  • 2) you are an experienced hunter, you want to order a new gun and for this you want to personally find and choose "your gun stock", which is actually a very good, valuable idea — many companies have this options for customers, although this probably should be the rule. After all, the metal part is the quality of the barrels, the accuracy of the mechanism, the essence of the final product, weapons, an indicator of the level of virtuosity, mastery in the manufacture of unit weapons and the perfection of machine sophisticated tuning, robotic technology in the manufacture of factory weapons, which makes it possible to create weapons that are unique in accuracy and reliability organism. But the stock undoubtedly and indisputably represents the soul of the weapon, warm and unique. Thus, by definition, it is the gun stock that should harmoniously, synergistically respond to some personal inner feeling of a sense of harmony in the soul of the owner of the weapon.Therefore, many companies are so meticulously demanding precisely on the nut stock, which is most likely the hypnotic magnet due to which it is this gun that is bought. How many times have I heard from clients in my life that if the stock is beautiful, the weapon is easier to sell (even the most exclusive one) and vice versa — there are no good stocks — no arms sales. I can also remember when I picked up an expensive weapon for the first time in my life — I wanted to buy it right away, for me it was not quite usual reaction, because I usually consider the degree of necessity of even the smallest purchase, so what caused such a strange reaction in me?
    After analyzing the situation, I realized — the answer was very simple — it was my gun stock that most likely influenced my opinion through the subconscious, fascinating with its magic exquisitely- interwoven snakes — black lines.
    The nut gun stock is the final powerful achord, very important and memorable in the work of a weapons opera. To your attention we can offer you not only a nut blank for the stock, but also 1) a half-finished stock, and 2) already completely ready for weapons and all this with guaranteed quality, confirmed by our certificate and undoubtedly attractive price. We are waiting for your questions, purchases, reviews and suggestions.
  • 3) You are the owner of a small factory or you have a gun shop, or you are a distributor of some brand of weapons — in this case, I would really be very pleased and really wanted to meet you personally, for the possible establishment of mutually beneficial business contacts and maybe we can offer something better, more interesting, more innovative than what you are used to.
  • 4) You are the manager of a large company for manufacturing of hunting and sports weapons. I am flattered by your attention and I am sure that having established business contacts with us, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the degree of ease when working with us — a high level of service, an impeccable level of quality, proven professionalism, enthusiasm, efficiency, responsibility, and our transparency — all this is our corporate style of work, style “N”.

"How to choose the butt. The origins of knowledge."

Dear Sir or Madam, Let me begin.

I am sure that the following information will be useful for all categories of people interested in everything from an erudite (a person who is interested in everything who has nothing to do with the world of weapons) to a top manager of a legendary company that produces high-quality weapons with the latest advanced equipment.

I bring to your attention some of our recommendations, which are the fruit of our rich, long-term experience in the production of nut stocks. Throughout all this time until today, we continue to study, learn something new, improve ourselves and tirelessly improve our production process. At first, we mainly learned from our mistakes, then we began to conduct some systematic experiments, simulations and observations ourselves. Undoubtedly, many specific knowledge on requirements for stocks, as well as problems encountered when completing the production of finished stocks, were obtained from communicating with customers — from large legendary factories to masters - virtuosos, who do manual orders for private exclusive clients. It was an honor for us to work with all of them, and we often recall them with gratitude, and those moments of professional and friendly communication that allowed us to fulfill our obligations with great enthusiasm, feeling part of the team, sometimes made it really easy to do a great job of organizing and production. We were bound, of course, by our common genuine interest and love for work, enthusiasm, energy, professionalism, requiring constant, continuous progress, training and improvement. Sincere interest in our work constantly charged us with new impulses. To work with them and learn from them is undoubtedly a great honor for us, for our part we constantly strived to meet their high standards.

We thank all those who supported and is supporting in us the desire to continue our beloved work, and at the moment to share our precious experience.

This world has changed — everyone notices. It became completely alien — aggressive and coldly indifferent, where there seems to be no room left for growth and healthy progress, everything is based on the dubious game of some marketers whose strength is in criticism, groundless destruction and promises; they were taught a couple of neuro-linguistic tricks manipulations and their aim is to mislead the whole world while playing their cunning game, force everyone to do what they like. But behind any work, especially behind the hard work, you can see people and many of them, fortunately, know the value of their labor.

A marketer is a man and he needs work, he does what he has to ...

I do not agree. I want to ask what this marketer will do if tomorrow he loses his job and all the dust of his pomp and importance will simply be blown away by life. What world will he return to? The one that he himself created for himself and his children, this world will be his punishment, but I definitely do not want to live in his world. We must learn from nature ..

Grass — an amazing, meek creature — pierces even asphalt tending toward the Sun.

Items to choose the blank on the butt.

0) This is point zero, but it is a kind of base — a guarantee of your peace and satisfaction. To begin with. You need to choose a responsible seller, preferably a manufacturer, not a merchant, because the merchant will not know anything about the exact details (possibly production violations that will ultimately affect you) (yes, maybe he could see how this is done, in general, pretend to be a direct producer (try to ask him subtle questions about production ...) but in general it’s clear that a merchant is only interested in profit, and often unscrupulous people use it for this purpose ary cunning tricks, which can lead to loss of money, and a disappointing end result, but of course the main damage, loss of confidence in the people.

The choice of stock for sports and hunting shooting, some useful recommendations.

1) it should most likely be a nut stock, because it is walnut wood that has a unique combination of properties and technical characteristics that give the stock made from it - durability, elasticity, practicality, aesthetic personality.

It is better to take into account the following technical characteristics;

Lightness (density and porosity). The higher the density, the lower the porosity and vice versa; the higher the porosity, the lower the density. A tree is usually porous in the roots themselves (it is from the root part that the most valuable specimens of stocks are obtained) either when it grew close to water or because it died on its feet in the spring. etc. Porosity can greatly distort the color after painting, turning the gun stock from a magical contrasting prince into a black frog. But it is fixable. You just need to close the pores with special methods, after which the oil or varnish will no longer be endlessly absorbed by the wood, which will lead to the fact that the degree of contrast will be preserved or reduced slightly.

When choosing a stock for sports shooting, preference is usually given to a light stock, although a light stock has some weakness in strength, but it gives less recoil when shooting, and its lightness allows the shooter to make many shots, while the hand gets tired less, less stress, which allows relax as much as possible (the center of gravity of the shooter system — the weapon has minimal differences from the center of gravity of only one shooter and allows the shooter to more easily concentrate on the shots themselves (although the stand shooting is similar to some experiment in alchemy, everything is important here, from the choice of shoes to the morning it will take, something even a slight fluctuation of something may affect the result, because it's not so easy to shoot everything 25-30 times in a row 25- 30 plates without stopping); many athletes are simply masters of virtuoso in this.

When choosing a stock for hunting, this characteristic is usually not very considered: the preference for the degree of "porosity - density" depends on the type of model, brand of weapons and the desires of the hunter himself. Some models of weapons have emptiness inside the stock, (the center of the stock is simply cut out into the chips).

For some, a hole in the form of a hole is almost almost in the middle — the stock is facilitated technically.

Some hunters like a denser, heavier stock..

They say that they feel better weapons ..

But if you choose a stock with medium porosity — density for hunting, you will most likely not be mistaken.

2) The next characteristic is functionality.

Functionality is determined by the degree of parallelism of the strips on one of the side ends of the stock, usually the functionality is determined by the upper end.

In my opinion, the functionality is determined not by the parallelism of the colored stripes on the upper end, but by the parallelism of the tree growth lines, they often do not coincide on beautiful stocks).

The first 20 cm (gunstock head) are especially important, here will be the fastening of the metal part of the weapon, therefore this part is the most demanding of functionality.

Particularly high functionality is required for dupettas, English models with a lock of the Holland type, made manually by masters of extra class.

Some companies produce models of hunting weapons with a stock inside of which a strong metal thread is pulled - a tyrant, in these cases the functionality does not matter; in addition, for almost all types of automatic weapons it is typical — on stocks there is a complete absence or low functionality due to the fact that the stock for automatic weapons is often shorter, and therefore does not cause any problems.

Another thing with sports weapons.

For sports shooting, functionality is almost always required, and for sports shooting they prefer to choose a gun stock on which the stripes will be as parallel as possible over its entire surface, although some movement in the form of a wave is still allowed.

3) humidity and type of drying. If you do not have time, but you want to buy a gun stock and urgently make a weapon out of it, you know you are at great risk.

Because it is precisely because of the violation of the technology of drying, storage, steaming, the outwardly beautiful and even very beautiful stock can become simply wasted money.

For the production of a high-quality stock and the ability to guarantee its quality, it is paramount to observe as accurate as possible all of the following processes:

  • 1) the time of uprooting — from mid autumn to early spring — the tree is in hibernation, sap flow is very weakly expressed.
  • 2) it is advisable to leave the log with the root lying, if sawn in the spring, until autumn; and if sawn in the fall, then until spring. This dramatically reduces the cracking of the boards, the deformation of the stock in the future — the moisture inside evaporates evenly, gradually, from which the fibers do not collapse, but acquire better elasticity.
  • 3) it is necessary to make a cut preferably on a waning moon — such blanks are less prone to mold and insect attack.
  • 4) steaming should be done with well-stocked gun stocks, very slowly — raising the temperature, trying not to raise the pressure in the steam room for more than 1.2 atmospheres; constantly maintaining precisely and the set temperature and cyclicality of water supply. It is in the steam room where the steaming process is carried out incorrectly - “dry” or at elevated pressure, or at elevated temperature — microcracks are formed, which, after drying, will become noticeable, with which the gun stock should be laid strictly parallel, otherwise after steaming and in during the drying process, the gun stock will gradually curl onto the incorrectly laid side.
    After steaming, the blanks must undergo a natural drying cycle, in a ventilated shady place, but not in a draft, if necessary, when it is very hot in the summer, in order to avoid quick drying and cracking, it is advisable to periodically water the ground around them, making sure that water does not enter on the blanks, otherwise the mold may go on the blanks.
    After natural drying, when the blank is ready with a wood moisture content of at least 20%, it can be dried in a vacuum chamber, although some cracking at the ends or a strong drop in thickness (the blank may simply cast) is unfortunately possible, therefore it is also risk of losing the blank.
    The most reliable option is to buy a billet of natural drying, it must be at least 2.5 years old, its humidity is 10% -8%, with such humidity, final processing is possible without problems - to make a high-quality stock.
    Not many small producers can afford this, sometimes to my sadness (they sometimes invite me to look at their production), they simply spoil the outstanding trees — they cut all year round, they cut into “blind” chainsaws — the yield of stocks is very small, a lot of waste, defects (on freshly cut wood after a chainsaw, the pattern and defects are poorly recognizable), while the blanks on one side are super, and on the other half, empty, steamed without any monometers, even thermometers throw firewood into an earthen hole directly under the bins lying on an iron sheet, it is freajing me out (sometimes I just want to take up the work myself, I’m sorry about the tree and people, because so much effort has been done - to spread the tree, lower it from steep mountains without a road on donkeys (poor donkeys) and then put it in these metal tanks without air with a narrow passage in the heat in the stuffiness, tightness, almost no air inside; in the cold, waist-deep in cold water, etc.
    There is no doubt - people are trying very hard, but I can’t explain to them that they still have to follow some rules for quality, I tried to explain to them that the stock can have microcracks after such a “hellish” steaming - they say it will be darker in color .Yes the color can and will be darker, but the wood simply turns into dust and loses its elasticity (does not withstand the flake test — removed flakes from a properly steamed tree will twist into an elastic ring, and an incorrectly steamed tree when pressed, will break into pieces, this is exactly the effect of microcracks.
    The same thing will happen with the gun stock after improper drying, very fast, in the dryer for 40-50 days. The answer is clear - "continuous microcrack", etc. but it seems they themselves know about it, but it’s still more important for them to return the invested money, and few people think about the quality of the final product.
    Also, the thing that leads to low quality of the wood is using a different technique — the stock is not steamed at all to maintain contrast.
    This leads to the fact that tannin remains in the wood, it can attract insects, but this is not the most unpleasant - a tree without steaming does not get some crystallization from temperature and pressure, therefore it will not be so elastic and durable, the flake will break, and the sawdust will look like dust, like a rotten tree. Yes, sometimes the correct steam room cycle can greatly change the color of the wood, shifting the color to noble burgundy tones, this is due to the composition of the soil, namely its Ph — which in this case was high, while the wood acquires a certain glass structure, without losing the acquired elasticity, passes the flake test with flying colors.
    Many small producers unfortunately “produce to sell.” It is easier, faster, cheaper, but we are still convinced of the opposite — our constant principle in our work is “sell to produce” ...
    That is, the situation in the production sector is sometimes controversial, let alone merchants who try to look like manufacturers.
    Be careful.

The following points, from a technical point of view, are not so important, but when speaking about the stocks are most likely still decisive.

4) aesthetic characteristic.
Often in life, beautiful people are forgiven more than ordinary people.
This applies to stocks.
When I draw stocks I sacrifice functionality after all, because functionality is something technical — a bit cold, although it is absolutely undeniably useful. Well, there’s just no way to combine them. Aesthetics is something alive unique, rare and exciting.
Aesthetics is something very personal, subjective, so it’s hard to give advice;
Examples are classification grades of well-known firms.
For some of them — wide parallel black stripes — maximum, they consider them ideal, but for the other, such stripes are not interesting, etc.
Of course, for example, there are beautiful women that have different skin and eye color — it’s hard to say which one is more beautiful; and in China, and in Africa, and in Germany, and in Russia and everywhere around the world, but we still understand that a concept of beauty is based on our most likely hostile subjective feeling of beautiful. Of course there are exceptions . Everyone knows from their life experience, it is no secret that the other half in the marriage (husband or wife) especially ir it’s a long mariage – is the most beautiful in the world; although there will probably be someone who considers his half the most beautiful and it’s the same in this case)...
It is the same thing with the gun stock— the choice of aesthetic parameters is purely individual.
But although of course, perhaps with some embarrassment, many will agree - everyone likes Monica Bellucci or Sharon Stone...

5) price.

It’s not necessary to think that the price determines the beauty and can somehow influence your choice. The price rather determines a certain level of universal (like by everyone) originality, fantasy, harmony bordering on the artificial. Sometimes it seems that the stock is drawn by a brilliant artist, using psychedelic formulas, hypnotic effects. The unique stock is the uniqueness of your psyche. If you are lucky and you like the stock at an affordable price, then you should not succumb to hypnosis of high cost.

If not — and your choice fell on an expensive collector’s sample, then you have two options, you can buy it immediately or book the stock on our website — by paying 33% of the price and then paying the rest of 67% for six months (here the question is ... you you can ask your question on this option ..)))), but there are some conditions — the stock should be in the amount of -1; You must be a member of our club, i.e. periodically write to us and buy from our website, we will warn that the price of the stock as a result may increase by 10%; Your booked stock will be sent to you after 100% payment).

High cost determines rarity, fantasy, contrast, unusualness, sometimes it seems that a certain maestro - artist drew these lines by hand, giving their location perfect harmony.

Please be careful, because sometimes someone who sells the stock, loves and is able to make up the missing facts.

6) Contrast and color.

The ratio— the tone of the background to the color of the stripes is the contrast. In this case, the ideal tone of the background is to strive for absolutely white, and the ideal color of the strips to strive for absolutely black. The farther these colors are from each other, the more contrasting, delightful the gun stock is.

The following shades of background are available: from light to dark in the tones of yellow, orange, hazelnut, brown, green, gray, pink, burgundy.

Very rarely there is walnut wood with the following background tones;

"Very rarely dark or the opposite — very rarely light."

Many people like an orange - an orange background with black stripes, but someone likes pink with gray stripes, but what do you like?

When a tree grows in a windy area or usually this effect occurs between large branches, its structure changes and is covered by colorless stripes characteristic of the tree’s transverse growth, which play a role in the natural shock absorbers of the tree trunk. These natural cushioning stripes — after processing, create an uniquely beautiful effect of internal glow. In my opinion, a stock with such stripes is not only aesthetically shocking, but also more reliable.